Communicating a clear picture of Morris & Reynolds Insurance by stating what we seek to achieve (Vision), what guides our daily behavior (Core Values), what our TEAM of people expect to accomplish (Objectives) and how we evaluate performance (Measurements) permits everyone on our TEAM to understand their roles and enjoy their work.


Morris & Reynolds Insurance seeks to be a truly excellent, innovative, caring and growth oriented business that endures over time by helping its clients manage the lifelong risks they face and obtain the peace of mind they need and deserve. We seek to be an efficient, aggressive, marketer and service provider in the fields of insurance, risk management and individual protection that is profit oriented at every level of our business and enjoys a positive work environment which attracts and retains passionate, result oriented, quality, people who care deeply about their work, their clients and their future.


Morris & Reynolds Insurance is an established business built on delivering care to our clients, TEAM members and community. Our Core Values as a business guide our decisions and behavior on a daily basis and include:

A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, Company Partners and fellow TEAM members by producing industry leading, innovative, quality work on a daily basis. We foster our Commitment to Excellence by constantly teaching our people and proudly have one of the highest commitments to education in the industry. We base our TEAM’s rewards on people’s work related results, abilities and enthusiasm to produce quality work as well as to exceed our client’s expectations.

INTEGRITY: We revere and embrace honesty. We adhere to high ethical standards, respect the privacy of our clients and each other, encourage finding and fixing bad news and welcome debate and disagreement that leads to better results for our clients, our Company Partners and our business.

STRATEGIC GOALS: We strive to communicate clearly about Morris & Reynolds Insurance’s ambitions as a business whether they related to serving and caring for our clients or our own growth globally, by Profit Center and by each TEAM member. We constantly evaluate performance against our strategic goals and seek ways to improve our results.

OUR GOLDEN RULE: We respect all people, value the differences among them and deal with everyone we come into contact with in the manner we want to be dealt with ourselves.


What We Will Be Known For…

In addition to our Vision and Core Values, Morris & Reynolds Insurance has, at its foundation, a set of Guiding Principles which include the following:

  1. GROWTH (We must grow to survive)
  2. EXCEPTIONALLY FAIR TREATMENT OF OUR TEAM Members (Especially those who contribute every day to our success)
  3. Old FashionedSERVICE (Happily doing what we promise, when we promise or before)
  4. Great, Industry Leading, COMMUNICATION (Via written memo, letters, proposals, newsletters and automation)
  5. A Devoted WORK ETHIC (We cannot and will not lose to a competitor who works harder than we do). Hard work, combined with great work, will be our “calling card”.
  6. ACCOUNT Rounding (Multiple policy sales per client). It’s good business for us and our clients’. One stop shopping for our clients convenience is our daily passion.
  7. Old FashionedRELIABILITY. To our client, our Company Partners and each other. On time, or early, results oriented, understanding of a problem or opportunity and its solutions. Magically, making problems disappear, never creating them.
  8. COMPETITIVE in every way possible. Not always the “cheapest” but always competitive.
  9. Having, displaying and embracing INTEGRITY. Also see our Core Values.
  10. Having FUN at what we do for a living whenever possible.
  11. CUTTING EDGE AUTOMATION. Fast, reliable, productive in lieu of production.
  12. ACCOUNTABLE to each other, our Company Partners and mostly our clients. We must be results driven and accountable.
  13. PRODUCTIVE and results oriented to a person, in each Profit Center and the business overall.
  14. WINNING our renewal and new business much, much more often than losing.
  15. GROWTH (We must grow to survive). See also Guiding  Principle# 1.


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