The Benefit Advisor’s Network & Morris & Reynolds Insurance

The Smart Partners™ of Benefit Advisors Network such as Morris & Reynolds Insurance are considered the “best of the best” benefits brokers from throughout the United States. The power of the Smart Partners™ network is its unique collaboration of high caliber expertise among the most highly qualified employee benefit specialists in the industry.

As a BAN member, Morris & Reynolds Insurance client’s enjoy collective resource sharing, and world class services and solutions that are usually available only through national benefit brokerage firms. These economies of scale afford Morris & Reynolds client’s with tools, resources, peer expertise and solutions in a manner that is affordable and cost effective.


Morris & Reynolds Insurance is proudly the only South Florida member of the prestigious Benefit Advisor’s Network, a national network of 60 of America’s largest and best employee benefit brokers and advisors. BAN member agencies operate an estimated 75 offices all over America that employ over 1,200 employee benefit professionals and are responsible for insuring nearly 3 Million people who spend over $16 Billion per year on employee benefit’s protection at tens of thousands of businesses nationwide.

Collectively Morris & Reynolds BAN affiliated firms would rank within the Top 10 of All Benefit Consulting Firms in the United States.

The Morris & Reynolds Insurance, Benefit Advisor’s Network, partnership offers our clients industry leading client care and value added services that are not found anywhere else along with robust solutions in a variety of critical areas including; Actuarial Services, Captive Creation & Operation, Data Analytics & Benchmarking, Employee Education, HR Administration & Technology, Human Resources Management, Legal & Compliance Advice, Pharmacy Cost Consulting, Private Exchanges and Wellness programs to name just a few.

BAN + Morris & Reynolds = Smart Partners

The Benefit Advisor’s Network Smart Partner program allows Morris & Reynolds Insurance to provide industry leading solutions in several key areas including Controlling Client’s Costs, Helping Client’s Stay Compliant, creating the most Effective Benefit Plans available anywhere and offering a scope of Industry Expertise simply not found elsewhere within insurance and benefit’s consulting.


Not only is Morris & Reynolds Insurance a long established local business with firsthand knowledge of your regional economy and culture, we are backed by the collective intelligence and market influence of a nation-wide team of Smart Partners. Carefully selected from among the most prestigious and progressive benefit firms in the United States, each member is a recognized expert in their marketplace, with an average of more than 15 years of experience in the field of employee benefits.

Control Your Health Care Costs

With access to a full suite of Population Health Management and Worksite Wellness programs, your Morris & Reynolds benefit advisor is in a position to help you strategically address the health of your population – the largest single factor driving your health care costs. For example, Morris & Reynolds BAN’s Pharmacy Director, Armand Dilanchian, RPh, has the ability and expertise to assist with the development of your Rx strategy and vendor negotiation.

The size of Benefit Advisors Network’s aggregate business places Morris & Reynolds Insurance in the driver’s seat when it comes to dealing with a growing number of national carriers. Preferred pricing, exclusive plans and products and direct access to underwriters allows Morris & Reynolds Insurance to negotiate most effectively on your behalf – cutting through the red tape. As a Smart Partner® we are able to help you gain one of the most important advantages of all the cost challenges facing you and your company – KNOWLEDGE. For example, through your Morris & Reynolds and Benefit Advisors Network’s strategic relationship with Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), Morris & Reynolds has access to IBI’s powerful “Lost Productivity Calculator” to help you establish the business value of health.

Controlling Your Health Care Costs is just another of the many benefits of allowing BAN member Morris & Reynolds help you and your employees.

Stay Compliant

It’s a whole new world and the Affordable Care Act demand that businesses comply with a maze of regulations and requirements. Morris & Reynolds partnership with BAN provides our clients with access to popular monthly compliance webinars and a Compliance Director on retainer work to your benefit.


The Smart Compliance Portal is an online cloud-based portal that helps you and your organization attain and maintain compliance with your health and welfare plans.

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Inform on Reform© provides continually updated, timely information on national health care reform (NHCR), and as clarifications become available.

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Click above for more details on our upcoming Customer Exclusive monthly BAN Webinars. Email invites are sent a few days prior to the webinar, so that customers may register for it.

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Morris & Reynolds - Pinecrest Tribune

Click above to read the Pinecrest Tribune – October 2014 article, announcing the Morris & Reynolds Insurance | BAN Relationship.

Morris & Reynolds - South Miami News

Click above to read the South Miami News – Sep. / Oct. 2014 article, announcing the Morris & Reynolds Insurance | BAN Relationship.

Smart Partners® are constantly updated about changes in the law with timely notices and alerts from international law firm Proskauer Rose, LLP. A team of the country’s leading ERISA attorneys is continually identifying and interpreting developments that will impact you, the client.

Through direct access to Benefit Advisors Network’s Compliance Director, nationally recognized ERISA attorney Peter Marathas, Esq., and using the unique Dialogue Forums, Smart Partners® are able to post questions and receive guidance, model documents and forms to help clients meet the complex requirements of benefits law. Your local Smart Partner® is able to get answers to complex legal questions – in hours or minutes, not days.

More importantly, for you, as a Smart Partner® Morris & Reynolds Insurance has the tools to get you compliant and keep you up to date as things change. Through the Inform on Reform© program Morris & Reynolds will send you recent developments in Heath Care Reform. Well-attended monthly webinars cover topics across the compliance spectrum, from ARRA to COBRA, HIPAA to Wellness Programs. Morris & Reynolds also has access to a comprehensive library of HR and Benefits information through HR & Benefit Essentials and an exclusive Compliance Checklist developed exclusively for Benefit Advisors Network members such as Morris & Reynolds Insurance, to ensure your bases are covered.

Staying Compliant is just another of the many benefits of allowing BAN member Morris & Reynolds help you and your employees.

Effective, Efficient, Benefit Plans

Morris & Reynolds can design and execute the most effective benefit plans for you, your employees and your business.

Morris & Reynolds Insurance knows the market – trends, current research, instructive case studies, and leading edge products and services. Participating in Semi-Annual Educational Conferences, Morris & Reynolds regularly learns from expert consultants and industry veterans, and develops vital personal connections with other Smart Partners®. These relationships, and the work of collaborative committees, facilitate the open sharing of expertise, insight and strategies that bring tremendous success to clients.

The BAN advantages of working with Morris & Reynolds are numerous, including helping you benchmark your benefits competitively against your peers in your industry and your region. International Benefits Institute (IBI) and Verisk Health (D2 Hawkeye) provide world class claims data mining and benchmark reporting. Morris & Reynolds also has privileged access to leading HRIS, payroll, COBRA and Flexible Benefit Administration solutions such as A.D.A.M. and CPI-HR.

As a Smart Partners Morris & Reynolds has all the capabilities of much larger, publicly traded brokerage house but with far greater flexibility to adapt to your specific needs – because we are focused on you as our client, not on dividend shareholders or stock prices. Morris & Reynolds and the Benefit Advisors Network has developed a full suite of customized services and specialized products that you can utilize – to your advantage.

The ability to Design and Create Efficient, Effective, Benefit Plans is just another of the many benefits of allowing BAN member Morris & Reynolds help you and your employees.

Industry Expertise

As a Smart Partner, Morris & Reynolds has access to the wisdom of Subject Matter Experts in many industries including; Hospitals, Professional Services, Education, Public Sector, Non-Profit, Physicians & Medical Practices, Manufacturing, Nursing Homes and the Private Sector to name a few. Our Subject Matter Experts collaborate through practice groups to study specific industry trends, challenges and opportunities in the health and welfare arena. This information is then disseminated to help your business create comprehensive and effective strategies to deal with the unique needs of your market segment.

These practice groups not only share their specialized knowledge and expertise but they also make themselves part of your team behind the scenes. They work with Morris & Reynolds to provide guidance and suggestions and most importantly, are a source of meaningful, useful, data.

Additionally, because Benefit Advisors Network has a direct relationship with national insurance carriers, Morris & Reynolds can offer you unique products and solutions – that are specific to your industry and needs – providing you with an alternative to the typical off-the-shelf health and welfare products.

Industry Expertise is just another of the many benefits of allowing BAN member Morris & Reynolds help you and your employees.

The Morris & Reynolds Insurance and Benefit Advisor’s Network partnership provides our client’s with the cost effective solutions, compliance and industry expertise needed in today’s ever evolving employee benefit’s world. Contact us one of our professional Insurance Advisor’s today to learn how we can help you, your employees and your bottom line. 305.238.1000.



Smart Compliance Portal

Are You ready for A DOL Audit? Ensure your Health & Welfare Compliance with Smart Compliance

Take advantage of the necessary compliance tools your smart partners® have to offer all in one portal with smart compliance. Manage your Compliance Calendar with Audit Checks, comprehensive Compliance Guides and Secure Document Storage. Now use a single login to download, store and organize all your Health & Welfare Plan compliance documents.

Call your Morris & Reynolds Employee Benefits Expert today at 305.238.1000, to learn more about this product and how you and your business can begin taking advantage of it.


  • Customized compliance deadlines within a calendar view
  • Review & evaluate your compliance completeness * Comprehensive checklists to review upcoming, completed & pending tasks * Links to critical government documents
  • MY VAULT – Document storage for DOL Audit ready files
  • Stay Current on Health Care Reform with INFORM on REFORM
  • Compliance University * Legal Alerts & monthly Webinars with Health & Welfare leading experts
  • Collaborative expertise through the efforts of smart partners

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