The expert agent’s and underwriters at Morris & Reynolds Insurance understand that an employer`s benefit plan designs have significant cost and legal ramifications to your business and an enormous impact on your employees finances as well as their comfort with and perception of your business. We pride ourselves on designing plans that reflect your business goals and objectives within what is an increasingly complex legal environment with ever evolving societal considerations.

Our plan design work includes;

  • Design and review plan design to ensure that your plans are consistent with your financial goals and objectives.
  • Create custom plan provisions to reflect your businesses goals and philosophy.
  • Evaluate and review benefit program to determine administrative efficiencies.
  • Review plan’s provisions to ensure ease of communication to all stakeholders.
  • Benchmark key benefit program provisions to ensure your recruitment and employee retention objectives. Medical, life, accident, disability, and special risk benefits are critical to employees’ financial security. Employees can underestimate the value these benefits provide prior to a life event that underscores the value. The challenge is to ensure that the programs are competitively financed, vendors provide outstanding service at the time of life events and the designs meet employee needs.
  • Audit eligibility and termination processes and provisions to limit employer liability.
  • Control health care cost trends.
  • Improve quality and outcomes.
  • Motivate employees to take accountability for their health, enroll in programs that are tailored to improving their conditions and use the best providers for complex care.
  • Provide an array of health and benefit programs and options that meet the diverse needs of employee populations and that include the flexibility that your people and bottom line need. Flexible benefits are emerging in many countries as a way to manage benefit cost and meet diverse employee needs. Countries that are dealing with high health care costs, in particular, are seeking ways to control those costs by offering alternative types of core or supplemental health benefits. They also allow employees to decide how to select a more personally meaningful set of benefits using their employer’s and their own contributions. In tough economic times, this approach allows you to provide additional choices without increasing benefit expense.

In addition to our plan design solutions, some of the benefits of our employee benefit’s work for our clients include;


• Ancillary (Voluntary/Employee Paid)
• Benchmarking
• Benefits Administration
• Brokerage
• Cancer & Critical Illness
• Communications
• Compliance Consulting
• Consulting
• Dental Insurance
• Disability (Short & Long Term)
• Employee Assistance Plans (EAP)
• Health & Welfare Plans (Group)
• Health / Medical Insurance
• Healthcare Reform
• Hospital Indemnity
• Individual Health
• Life Insurance (Group)
• Payroll Deduction Auto & Home
• Pharmacy Consulting
• Plan Design
• Plan Management
• Pre-Paid Legal Plans
• Network Evaluation
• Retiree Health Care
• Retirement Plans (401k’s)
• Vision Insurance
• Wellness & Productivity


Morris & Reynolds represents and has access to the entire market of leading insurers. Many of our relationships with major insurers span decades and often find us in a leadership position as an advisor or agent Board member.


Your employee benefit’s goals and bottom line are our sole focus. The coverage and costs that we negotiate, in fact all we do, is focused on you and your employees. We are known as aggressive negotiators who have our clients’ best interest at heart. Always.

We also enjoy serving our clients in the most transparent manner possible and are happy to discuss and disclose our compensation and answer your questions about that important topic with you. Morris & Reynolds is a truly independent insurance agency and has been since 1950. Our focus is never on stockholders, stock prices or an insurance company preference but our client’s goals, dreams and desires. Always.


Let’s face it, insurance can be time consuming and frustrating. Dealing with providers and insurers is often an experience filled with ‘red tape’, delays and frustration. Whether you or your employees have a question about your coverage, a provider, a bill or a claim we are here to help every step of the way. Our Client Advocates are here at Morris & Reynolds everyday focused on assisting you and your employees with provider and claim concerns as well as the never ending ‘red tape’ involved with America’s medical ‘system’.


An apple a day really can keep the doctor away (along with exercise, an education on health and wellness). Morris & Reynolds is deeply proud of the work we do with many of our employee benefit clients to help make their employees happier, healthier and more productive both personally and professionally.


Your employees and their satisfaction with the benefits you offer to them is very important to your business and your peace of mind. At Morris & Reynolds Insurance we take your benefits, employees and peace of mind, to heart in all we do from the coverage that we structure, the insurers we suggest and the day to day service and care we provide to our clients and your employees. When you need us most, we will always be there.


At Morris & Reynolds Insurance our client’s receive the best of both worlds. We are well known for our ‘old fashioned’, reliable and responsive service that dates to the founding of our agency in 1950. We are also known for employing cutting edge technology and offering the latest in coverage innovations and ideas to serve our client’s ever evolving needs. Services such as The Protection Portal and Morris & Reynolds MyWave are just two examples of our forward thinking approach to service.


Our Client Service Underwriters, Client Advocates and Professional Agents are deeply committed to their profession and career-long learning. Our award winning TEAM of professional people, the finest people in employee benefits and insurance, is unique to Morris & Reynolds Insurance. In order to offer our client’s the very finest results possible we constantly seek improvement by way of training, performance measurement and process reviews.

Our corporate office is an approved and certified testing site for the prestigious Insurance Institute of America and their curriculum is part of our ongoing TEAM educational efforts. Morris & Reynolds Insurance is proud of the awards that TEAM members have received from a variety of industry associations and insurers, including the Florida Agent of the Year, The National Agent of the Year and The Customer Service Representative of the Year Honors to name a few.

Benefits Administration
Compliance Consulting
Dental Insurance
Health & Welfare Plans (Group)
Healthcare Reform
Individual Health
Life Insurance (Group)
Long Term Disability
Pharmacy Consulting
Plan Design
Plan Management
Provider Network Evaluation
Retiree Health Care
Retirement Plans
Short Term Disability
Vision Insurance
Voluntary Benefits
Wellness & Productivity

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